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NICEIC LogoNICEIC is the electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body for electrical installation matters throughout the UK.

The aim of the NIEIC is to protect all electricity users from unsafe electrical installations in their homes, places of work and leisure. To achieve this they maintain a register of electrical contractors they assess as complying with various standards, codes of practice and Scheme rules.

NICEIC has been assessing the technical competence of contractors for more than 50 years. They assess a representative sample of work, the premises, documentation, equipment, and the competence of key supervisory staff. Once registered, companies are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance with current regulations.

Enrolment with the NICEIC is voluntary, but competent and conscientious contractors consider it a priority and more than 20,000 across the UK are registered.

Peter Newson Ltd has been a member of the NICEIC since 1974.

ECA LogoECA members range from local employers with only a few operatives to national multi-service companies with several branches employing thousands. ECA members’ aggregate turnover is over £5 billion, they employ more than 30,000 operatives and support 8,000 apprentices in their craft training. Many operate worldwide.

The ECA’s membership base encompasses not only installers but manufacturers, distributors and end users too. Its dedication to best practice and efficient, effective and safe working procedures ensures that its members deliver the very best service across a broad spectrum of commissions.

Through a well established consultative and advisory structure, ECA members are kept fully in touch with every new area of electrical and electronic technology.

The ECA has a robust history and reputation established on sustaining and developing one of the UK’s most prolific and state of the art industries.

The value of ECA membership is underlined by a number of customer assurances such as the ECA Code of Fair Trading, the ECA Guarantee of Work scheme, and the ECA Bond.

Peter Newson Ltd has been a member of the ECA since 1980.

TrustMark LogoTrustMark registered firm

The ECA – the trade association representing electrical contractors – is a licensed TrustMark operator for both electrical and security systems work.

Each firm registered

  • has had their technical competence checked;
  • has the quality of their work regularly monitored;
  • has signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance cover, good health and safety practices and proper customer dealings;
  • is also registered with a government-authorised competent person scheme and can provide you with a Building Regulations Compliance certificate. This means you do not need to involve building control in any electrical work you have done in your home or garden; and
  • has its work guaranteed by the ECA guarantee of Work Scheme and a Performance Bond, that covers the completion of the firms work usually in the event of insolvency. Customers need to ask for the Bond certificate when placing their order.


If you have a complaint about work carried out for you, contact the firm concerned in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the firm then the ECA, as TrustMark scheme operator, will investigate and endeavour to resolve the matter.

Contract value limit

Please note that for each firm listed a figure is provided for its ‘Contract Value Limit’ – this is the maximum value of a job the firm is entitled to carry out as a TrustMark-registered firm. In the event that the value of a job exceeds a firm’s ‘Contract Value Limit’, the above-mentioned insurance-backed Warranty and Bond become void and the firm will then be operating in default of TrustMark’s requirements and the provisions of the scheme will no longer apply. 

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Electrical Contractors wiltshire dorset swindon heating engineers