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So, who are Peter Newson Limited?

Well, they are a local based electrical contracting company involved in most aspects of the industry.

Is there actually a Peter Newson?

Yes, he was here a minute ago, but he’s shot off somewhere - again!

And the company?

It is thought they are the longest established electrical contracting company in the Swindon area still with its original owner.

That sounds like a long time.

Yes over forty years

Oh! - So what is the company really like?

Along with some long standing customers there are some long standing staff members including one to whom Peter was apprenticed many years ago. The company has consistently employed apprentices and adult trainees, the experienced staff passing on the wealth of their wisdom.

Naturally they are members of the Electrical Contractors Association and are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (now know as the Electrical Safety Council) as Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers.

To be here through thick and thin for all this time they must have done something right.

So what sort of work do they do?

Because they are proper electrical contractors, the work can encompass design, electrical installation, fire alarms, emergency lighting, testing, electric heating, lighting, energy saving and now they are looking into renewables.

Quite a variety then? What about updating the staff, what’s it called? Continuing Professional Development

Fire alarm, emergency lighting, and wiring regulations, are all British Standards and regularly updated. Health And Safety moves on continuously. The staff receive information as necessary and regular training.

Oh, here he is, just back from a call-out.

What, him the boss?

Yes, apparently he still has his tools, bit rusty I think, but it does amuse the staff and the customers seem to appreciate it.

Here are some facts that you may not have know about Peter Newson & his company

We’ve had the ‘National Electrical Apprentice of the Year’ and a couple of years beforehand, the third best.

Peter Newson Ltd carried out the electrical refurbishment to the old Renault building in Swindon, we also worked on a “big building” in the Windsor area (and have a copy of the cheque to prove it). There was the luxury flat in London that we couldn’t get into until after the ‘visitors’ had left. Picture the scene, you are in your overalls, the walls, floor and ceiling are mirrored and you get offered a cup of tea by an attractive lady, oh and on another job they had to ensure that the earthing to a chrome pole in a night club was electrically safe.

The person who works in your property may well have been part of the refurbishment of a factory in Swindon or installing new wiring to a dairy in Cornwall or might have been in your neighbours’ house, they really are fully trained, experienced electricians.
Did you know that Peter Newson is also a qualified bus driver? What’s that got to do with electrical contracting you may ask, nothing, but it’s a foible of his and you’ve just read this bit!

Peter Newson Ltd


email: info@peternewsonltd.com
Electrical Contractors wiltshire dorset swindon heating engineers